You Are Doing Too Much! with Michael Shawn

A server dipped his testicles in another mans salsa, Michael Cohen is snitching,  a celebrity best friend is caught cheating with a married man and a NFL owner busted in a prostitution sting find out who Michael Shawn is talking about when he says “You Are Doing Too Much!” Only on DeDe in the Morning…

Michael Shawn Says You Are Doing Too Much!

You are Doing too Much! Michael Shawn has to let a few people know when they need to take several seats, and this week a few stars made the list including Madona and her new butt! Find out who else made the list only on Dede In The Morning… ME

You Are Doing Too Much!

Sometimes you just have to let them know “YOU ARE DOING TOO MUCH!” Michael Shawn has a list of people that need to take several seats… Find out who made it on the list only with DeDe in the Morning!

You Are Doing Too Much!

Sometimes we have to let people know when they are taking things too far, sometimes you just want to tell some one to sit their butt down. Michael Shawn has his list of people that he has to let know “You Are Doing Too Much!” Listen and let us know if you agree with this… Read more »


As you know the DeDe in the Morning team has no filter, and they always say what they think. That’s why  Michael Shawn had to let some people know “YOU ARE DOING TOO MUCH!” you have to hear why people like Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Kevin Hart and even our very own White Gary ended… Read more »

Michael Shawn You Are Doing Too Much!

The Comedian Michael Shawn does the most but he has a list of people that are DOING TOO MUCH!!! You have to hear who made it on the list between teammates fighting in the locker room and an R&B artist making mouth love to her microphone, Mike had to let them know You Are Doing… Read more »

Michael Shawn Says “You Are Doing Too Much!”

When people forget how to stay in their lane Michael Shawn will be happy to let them know “You Are Doing Too Much!” To find out what Kanye West, Ray J, Justin Timberlake and a man that is being executed all have in common check out Mike’s list.

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