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We The Worst Featuring Alicia Keys

Its “We the Worst Wednesday!” Michael Shawn says his team is getting upset that DeDe in the Morning keep making slick comments and they are starting to take it personal. Michael says he has been in the game a long time and deserves some respect. You remember the song “You Don’t Know My Name,” by… Read more »

The Allergy Anthem

Its “We The Worst Wednesday,” turn up! Michael Shawn’s We The Worst Records has recorded a new hit. This one is dedicated to everyone who suffers with allergies. You can call this song the “allergy anthem”. Listeners went crazy over this track! Its the best worst song on the radio. [Listen Below]

The Worst Song To Hit The Radio

Turn up, its “We The Worst Wednesday!” In honor of Diddy getting Bad Boy back together for the 2015 BET Awards, Michael Shawn had an idea. Since its the 30th month anniversary of WTWW, he decided to hit you with one of the classics from We the Worst Records. This one here, is one of… Read more »

We The Worst Records Realest Hit!

Its “We the Worst Wednesday”!! Typically Michael Shawn gets in the studio and clowns about grocery stores or any other crazy topic. His new hit is actually about someone real and relevant. Check out “We The Worst Records” track about Rachel Dolezal. [Listen Below]

Dont Do Well In School And This Will Happen

Michael Shawn has taken making bad songs to a new level! Yes, all of his songs are still “The Worst!” We The Worst Records has released a new banger, “I Don’t Get Hired.” This joint tells kids what will happen if they don’t do well in school. Let the kids here it! [Listen Below]

The Offical Grocery Store Anthem

Lady’s where do you like to grocery shop? While your walking up and down the isles, we have the worst song you can listen to (of course by worst we mean the best)! Another hit by “We the Worst Records.” Michael Shawn got in the studio and layed down another track that’s guaranteed to make… Read more »

This Is The “Worst” Song Ever

Its “We the Worst Wednesday”!!! Michael Shawn has performed a classic hit record, “Make the Grits.” An this is the worst song ever. By worst, you know we mean funny as hell. Check it out. [Listen Below]

Best And Worst Dressed Oscars 2015!

Last night was the the 87th Annual Academy Awards and all your favorite stars were dressed to impress! There were some celebrities who looked stunning and others who missed the mark. Click here to see the best and worst dressed at this years Oscars.

Michael Shawn’s List Of Worst Jobs In America [Listen Now]

Michael Shawn says the worst job in America is being the President Of The United States. It’s to much stress and there’s too many things going on. His other worst jobs include: The clean up crew at the Universoul Circus, a crossing guard in the hood, a make up artist for Oprah Winfrey and the… Read more »

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