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Hot Topics with DeDe in the Morning

A woman was killed in her own home by police in Fort Worth and we are talking to her lawyer! Listen to find out what type of legal action they are taking against the police with DeDe in the Morning’s Hot Topics.  

These are the Single Girl Habits that Ruin Love!

Some women wonder why they are still single, but if you have any of these bad habits you could be ruining love for your self. Take a listen to find out if you are a perpetrator of these silly, single, girl habits only with DeDe in the Morning!  

Why Women Won’t Get A Man

Ladies you might not like this but some of you might agree. DeDe in the Morning found a list on the internet of reasons women born in the 80’s and 90’s wont get a man. Crazy right!! You will be very surprised at some of the reasons but many of them are somewhat true. [Listen… Read more »

Michael Shawn’s Stranger Danger List! [Listen Now]

Michael Shawn’s Stranger Danger List is when White Gary hands him stories and he reads them! Lol! An Australian woman was upset that she got pulled over by a police officer so she attacked him with her breast milk! (Listen Below)

Get In Your Business: Woman Has 9 Kids! [Listen Now]

DeDe interviewed a woman named Amanda who is 31 years old with 9 kids. All her kids are by the same father and they are between the ages of 1 and 12. DeDe asked her if her “stuff” got stretched out! (Listen Below)

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