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It Goes Down At The QT

Aaaaaye! It’s “We the Worst Wednesday.” Michael Shawn has a brand new hit on his hands. Youre going to love this joint, “It Goes Down in the QT!” [Listen Below]

The Worst Song Ever

Yessss!! It’s “We the Worst Wednesday.” We are excited to announce that your boy Michael Shawn has dropped another hit. It’s called “Shrimp Fried Rice and Soda.” [Listen Below]

The Worst Song Ever

It’s We the Worst Wednesday!! Aaaayyye turn up!! Your boy Michael Shawn has a hit on his hands. You have to check this out! [Listen Below]

The Worst New Artist

Aaayyye! You know what today is? Forget hump day, its “We the Worst Wednesday!” Your boy Michael Shawn has added a new artist to the roster. Here is his new hit, check him out…[Listen Below]

The Worst Song On The Radio

Turn up! Its “We The Worst Wednesday!” Of course, we have another hit from your by Michael Shawn and that horrible record label of his. [Listen Below]

We The Worst Featuring Alicia Keys

Its “We the Worst Wednesday!” Michael Shawn says his team is getting upset that DeDe in the Morning keep making slick comments and they are starting to take it personal. Michael says he has been in the game a long time and deserves some respect. You remember the song “You Don’t Know My Name,” by… Read more »

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