We the Worst Records Presents “Plasma”

Michael Shawn knows some people have to donate until they can’t no more, so he made this song for those selling their bodily fluids… Listen and laugh at We the Worst Records new song “Plasma” Only on DeDe in the Morning!  

We The Worst Records Sippin’

We The Worst Records has done it again not only did they ruin your favorite song but they are singing about what almost ruined Mike’s life! Check out Sippin’ only with DeDe in the Morning

We The Worst Records Just Go Outside!

Just because it’s Christmas that isn’t going to stop Michael Shawn from ruining your favorite holiday songs. This song will definetly make you not want to stay… Check out We The Worst Records Can’t Stay only on DeDe in the Morning!    

We The Worst Records Rummy In My Tummy

The holiday season is here and Michael Shawn wants to spread the cheer with one of his favorite Christmas songs with a little liquor twist. We the Worst Records presents Rummy in my Tummy and you can only hear it here on DeDe in the Morning!

We The Worst Records Presents Lights Out!

Is it coincidence that Halloween landed on We The Worst Wednesday? We think not because this song is about a lot of ladies fear… Getting CUT OFF! We the Worst Records presents Lights Out! Only with DeDe In The Morning  


This song goes out to all those Valet Drivers with the drama, Mike Shawn destroyed another of your favorite songs! Only with DeDe In The Morning and We the Worst Records…

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