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Community Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving week and your community is giving you a lot of things to be thankful for! Rental assistance, turkey dinners, jobs, help with tickets, and a whole lot more. Find out what’s happening in your city with Miss Community and DeDe in the Morning.  

Jobs Available

Don’t be alone during the holidays! You community has lots of events where you can enjoy feasts and be with others. Not only can you get food but you can get a job too lots of places are hiring right now, listen to find out where to go to get a helping hand this season… Read more »

I Had A Good Thanksgiving Until

We hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend with lot of family, food and fun. Did something that happened that completely ruined your mood? Our listeners filled in the blank. I had a good Thanksgiving until______. DeDe in the Morning says hers was great until… [Listen Below]

How Was Your Thanksgiving? [Listen Now]

Michael Shawn had an awkward moment during the holidays because his sisters boyfriend cooked a better Thanksgiving than his mother. Dede had a good thanksgiving up until she realized that her husband was not helping out and she had to do all the work. (Listen Below)

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