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What The Hell You Doing At The Court House?

Lady Jade is back hanging out at the court house but this time she ran into a burglar and the only reason he got busted was because his DNA was found at the scene, well that and someone snitched him out! Get the full story with DeDe in the Morning and WTH You Doing At… Read more »

DeDe’s DM Snitching On The The Ex’s New Girl

How would you feel if your ex’s new boo was putting your personal health information on Facebook? Would you report them? Snitch them out to their boss? Try to get them fired to upset your ex? DeDe got a Dm and this woman needs advice. What would you do? Listen and drop your comments, let… Read more »

What Did Your Co-Worker Snitch On You For? [Listen Now]

A lady wrote Dede in the Morning a letter and says she has a co-worker that keeps telling their boss how long she goes to lunch for everyday and it’s getting on her nerves. What did your co worker snitch on you for? (Listen Below)

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