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Used For Sex With Lady Jade

Lady Jade wants you to know the difference between love making and being used for sex! Sometimes it’s obvious and other times you just aren’t sure so Jade has a few signs and situations that let you know for sure you are being used. Listen and learn with DeDe in the Morning.  

Tons Of Sex

We hate what’s going on with Lamar Odom, but new news about his lifestyle is surfacing everyday. Lamar said that he had sex 6 times in one day. Michael Shawn says that’s nothing compared to…[Listen Below]

Sex With My Cousin

Everyone knows DeDe in the Morning loves to get in peoples business. DeDe talked to a girl who is having sex with her cousin. You wont believe this, but we are dead serious. [Listen Below]

He Was Weird During Sex

DeDe’s Date Fail: A guy and girl went on a date and ended up having sex. Maybe the sex wasn’t good because she won’t call him back. She said during sex he…[Listen Below]

Talk Dirty To Me

Every now and then people will DM DeDe in the Morning for advice. A woman said during sex her man called her a sexy “n word.” Has your man or woman ever called you another name during sex? [Listen Below]

Sleeping With My Best Friend

You know DeDe in the Morning likes to get in peoples business! DeDe spoke with a listener who has been having a sexual relationship with her best friend. DeDe says that is not possible. The questions get real and this story gets kind of crazy. [Listen Below]

Yes! Im Sleeping With My Boss

We don’t know when DeDe in the Morning became a therapist or something of that nature but people really seek her for advice. LOL! A listener DM’d DeDe admitting that she’s sleeping with her boss. She wanted to know if she should end it but also mention all of the perks. Turns out there are… Read more »

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