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Summer Schooled With JJ

School is about to start again but for some kids it never ended! Alot of students ended up in summer school after all the messing around they did all year. JJ is calling out the signs of the kids that have to go to school all year long. You have to listen and laugh with… Read more »

DeDe’s Hot Topics

A DISD bus driver refused to stop for a student and continued to drive even with the student in front of the bus, and Jason Derulo says he is being discriminated by Instagram his picture was taking down because he was in boxers and Justin Timberlake got drunk and caught feeling on a co-star and… Read more »

Dont Do Well In School And This Will Happen

Michael Shawn has taken making bad songs to a new level! Yes, all of his songs are still “The Worst!” We The Worst Records has released a new banger, “I Don’t Get Hired.” This joint tells kids what will happen if they don’t do well in school. Let the kids here it! [Listen Below]

Do You Have A Problem With A Teacher Cursing At His Students? [Listen Now]

Dallas ISD teacher Sgt. Griffin has been placed on administrative leave after an audio recording surfaced, revealing his profanity-laced rant to middle school students. The Holmes Middle School teacher, teaches a leadership course. The recording in question was documented by a 6th grade student recording with a cell phone under a table. In the recording,… Read more »

Monica Brown Pursues Her Dream of Becoming a Nurse!

Singer Monica Brown has revealed that she is going back to school to become a nurse. She posted a pic of herself on Instagram wearing scrubs with the caption: “I have other dreams and aspirations so I Pursue them when my babies are asleep & my musics done!! Moral of the story #WeCanIfWeBelieve never give… Read more »

Should Deion Sanders Shut Down Prime Prep Academy? [Listen Now]

Problems continue for Deion Sanders and Prime Prep Academy in Ft. Worth. School starts on Monday and there is a sign on the door that says the school has moved to a new location. Although Deion Sanders heart is in the right place, should he shut down Prime Prep Academy? (Listen Below)

Swizz Beatz Enrolled In Harvard Business School

Swizz Beatz is currently enrolled in Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management (OPM) Program, a curriculum designed especially to sharpen the skills of chief executive officers, chief operating officers, presidents, and managing directors of companies with annual sales of at least $10 million. The program takes three years to complete, requiring managers to live on campus… Read more »

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