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What are you really scared of? Halloween is here and DeDe in the Morning wants to know what scares you? Find out what our listeners our afraid of? Listen and laugh!

Grown Man Still Calls For Mommy

Dallas has been getting a lot of rain causing very strange things to happen to our city. Stores are low on daily essentials, flood warnings are happening everyday and the city is in a small panic. Michael Shawn, a grown freaking man, got so scared he called his mommy. [Listen Below]

DeDe in the Morning is Afraid Of The Craziest Thing

Everyone is afraid of something! Something’s are typical like the dark, lightening, mean dogs, etc. Ok, we get that, but these things right here are just crazy. Listeners tell you the dumbest things they are afraid of and DeDe in the Morning even lets you know hers is. [Listen Below]

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