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Comedian Corey’s Side Chick Rules

Comedian Corey Holcomb has personal experiences with side chicks so he knows the rules. DeDe wants to know all about the side chick “constitution” and if these girls are really abiding by the laws of the mistress. Listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning.

Can’t Do This Around the Guys

We know you have heard of guy code “Bros before H@*$” but there are other things guys can’t do with or around their boys. Rudy Rush will let you in on the rules for homeboys, listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning!  

Relationship Contract

A woman made a relationship contract with 21 rules for her man to follow. What would you include in your relationship contract? You have to hear what rules DeDe in the Morning and the rest of the team would have… [Click, listen and laugh]

Kanye West’s Crazy Rules [Listen Now]

Kanye West is very controlling in his marriage to Kim Kardashian. According to a new report from the UK’s Closer, “Kanye is incredibly demanding — he has very precise standards, but if they’re not met he gets moody. He has a short fuse. He wants his music at a certain volume, insists on private lifts… Read more »

Michael Shawn’s Rules For The NFL Season [Listen Now]

Michael Shawn has some rules to make your football experience better. If your going to invite people over your house to watch the game, then you have to have a “get together tv” which is at least 60 inches. Also other than the game the most important thing about football is the snacks. He says… Read more »

Michael Shawn’s Side Chic Rules [Listen Now]

Michael Shawn has some side chic relationship tips, he says if your gonna cheat u might as well do it right. Rule #1 Be comfortable in your life, Rule #2 The relationship will never go viral and Rule #3 you are the other woman not the only woman. (Listen Below

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