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Barbershop Talk with Michael Shawn “It’s Over!”

When did you know the relationship was over? That was the question Michael Shawn asked the guys and the answers will surprise you! Find out if the relationship you are in is over on Barbershop Talk with DeDe in the Morning!  

Tamela and David Mann with DeDe in the Morning

If you are looking for the secret to a successful marriage, maybe you should listen to Tamela and David Mann who have been married for over 30 years. They have just came out with their book “Us Against The World! Our Secret to Love, Marriage and Family” and they had to come through to talk… Read more »

Are you a”Good Woman or a “Down Chick”?

The definition of a “Good Woman” and a “Down Chick” can be a little unclear. Were you ever a Down Chick, but ended the relationship with regret? A few listeners got to tell DeDe in the Morning and the team some of their stories where they thought they were being good women. Listen and let… Read more »

Relationship Contract

A woman made a relationship contract with 21 rules for her man to follow. What would you include in your relationship contract? You have to hear what rules DeDe in the Morning and the rest of the team would have… [Click, listen and laugh]

Kehlani Talks Relationships w/ DeDe in the Morning

If you missed the interview w/ @kehlani @dedeinthemorning @ladyjade104 & @mikeshawncomedy make sure you go to [] to check out the FULL INTERVIEW!!! #livelitlocal #k104 #k104djs #keepitonk104 #dedeinthemorning A photo posted by K104 (@k104fm) on Jan 23, 2017 at 7:55am PST Grammy nominee and Oakland native Kehlani stopped by DeDe in the Morning to talk… Read more »

Dont Ask Siri For Relationship Advice

Ever asked Siri something and she gave you the craziest response? You might not want to go to her for relationship advise. A listener confessed that her boyfriends ex kept messaging her on facebook and needed help with how to handle it. DeDe in the Morning ask Siri, and her response was crazy! Seriously Siri!… Read more »

When Is It The Right Time

Relationship topics and get kind of touchy but we have to talk about it. After ending a relationship, how much time do you think it takes to move on? Kim K had only been divorced 6 months and was already with Kanye West. To soon or nah? What do you say? DeDe in the Morning… Read more »

Heres How You Find Out If Is Your Relationship In Trouble

Ladies, you ever thought everything was good with your relationship and it turned out to be the opposite!? To be honest, your man might not always tell you the deal. Let a man tell it!! Michael Shawn gives you all the signs of a troubled relationship. Make sure you know! [Click Below]

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