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How to Build a Good Relationship with Lady Jade

Lady Jade and her friends were trying to figure out what they did wrong in their past relationships, so they made a list and wants to share it with you. You have to hear how DeDe in the Morning reacted to their critique. Do you struggle with any of these traits?  

Hypnotist with DeDe in the Morning

How would you feel if someone hypnotized you into liking them? DeDe in the Morning had a hypnotist comedian come in, he claimed he could teach Michael Shawn how to hypnotize people but lady Jade knows that’s not a good idea… Click to find out why!


Find out which Kardashian claims not to have plastic surgery and what causes the most fights in relationships, only with DeDe in the Morning’s Hot Topics! [Click and listen]


Why is it so hard for a man to commit to a relationship? Michael Shawn had some “Barbershop Talk” with the boys and now he is afraid to get remarried! Listen to find out why these men say they can’t get commited and why some women think they won’t commit… Only with DeDe in the… Read more »

How Did You Get Dumped? [Listen Now]

DeDe in the Morning was sent an email by a woman who got dumped by her boyfriend over text msg last night, so hey had listeners call in and tell their stories of being dumped. One woman was dumped by her boyfriend on her birthday! (Listen Below)

How To Keep The Spice In Your Relationship! [Listen Now]

DeDe in the Morning talked to author and relationship expert Ella Patterson and she revealed how to keep the spice in your relationship. She says you need to administer love fully, keep the novelty and playfulness alive. (Listen Below)

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