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Hot Topics with DeDe in the Morning

Churches in Dallas are being vandalized, Michael Strahan is back in court because his ex wife wants more child support, and Jeezy is a real romantic. Find out about these Hot Topics with DeDe in the Morning.  

We the Worst Record’s New Music

Michael Shawn was on “vacation” as the team was calling it. But Mike wanted to let the listeners know where he really was and what’s really going on. Check out We the Worst Records’ newest banger “Straight Out of Rehab!” only on DeDe in the Morning.

DeDe Is The Women’s Truth Teller

You know what they say she’s not really your friend if she’s not being real with you! Let DeDe be you your best friend today, she will tell you the things you need to hear, even if it hurts. Listen, laugh and take DeDe in the Morning’s advice if you need it.    

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