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We the Worst Records “Plasma Remix”

Michael Shawn loves to make fun of all types of situations and struggles, even donating Plasma to make some extra cash! You have to hear We the Worst Records new remix called “Plasma” only on DeDe in the Morning.  

We the Worst Records Presents “Farted”!

Even pretty girls fart! Michael Shawn made a song just for the sexy ladies that couldn’t hold their gas. You have to hear We the Worst Records newest song “Farted”. It’s We The Worst Wednesday and this might be one of the worst things you could hear or smell. Listen and laugh with DeDe in… Read more »

We the Worst Records “Bad Breath”

Michael Shawn doesn’t just make meaningless songs he can give great advice sometimes. Check out We the Worst Records new banger “Bad Breath” and then you might want to check your breath! Listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning.        

New VS Old Names

How often do you hear old school names like Agnus, Bertha, Maybell, or even Wilmer? DeDe in the Morning noticed that no one names their kids like they used to. After the year 2000, names got real new. Listen and drop a comment. What is a new name you know of?  

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