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Should DeDe Trust Her Neighbors?

DeDe in the Morning got home one day to find a box of cookies and other goodies on her front porch from her neighbors. They ate the stuff but Lady Jade says she wouldn’t have, if she hasn’t seen the inside of their house and doesn’t know if they are clean people she isn’t risking… Read more »

My Neighbors Hate Me

DeDe in the Morning is convenced that her neighbors hate her. First she had the altercation with them at the fight party, now there is something else. The neighbors are doing construction around their house and DeDe found a nail in both her and her husbands tires. She thinks they should be responsible for it… Read more »

DeDe in the Morning’s Neighbors Cant Stand Her

Seems like DeDe in the Morning and her next door neighbors just cant get along. Yet another altercation has happened, or wait, will eventually happen. DeDe got home and her husband gave her a gorgeous rose, but he picked it off the neighbors tree! Uuuh-O. Here comes the problem. [Listen Below]

DeDe in the Morning’s Neighbors Are Not Bout That Life

Everybody loves a good house party! Your girl DeDe in the Morning through a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight party at her house, but her neighbors had a huge problem with that. They decided to leave a nasty note on her door instead of telling her face to face. Guess they’re not “Bout That Life.” Find… Read more »

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