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DeDe’s Date Fail Mom & Sister Showed Up!

One woman was ready to move to a whole new state after going on one date with a man, but now she can’t get a hold of him. According to the man, it’s because her mom and her sister showed up to join their date! Find out how far this family took the conversation on… Read more »

Single Mom Wins Shopping Spree

DeDe in the Morning and I Just Got Hit. com just blessed another single mom with a $500 shopping spree to Toys R Us. She’s doing her best to raise her children, her story is incredible. [Listen Below]

Single Mom Wins Shopping Spree and DeDe in the Morning just blessed another single mom with a $500 shopping spree to Toys R Us. Listen to her story about raising a 5 year old at the age of 20.[Listen Below]

What Your Mom Really Wants For Mothers Day

Mother Day is right around the corner! Have you ever asked your mom what she wants and all she says is something sweet like, ” I don’t want anything, you already do enough,” or “I just want you to keep loving me.” Blah blahhh blah! Here’s what your mom really wants for Mothers Day. [Listen… Read more »

Kanye Wrote A Song About His Mom And Daughter!

Kanye wrote a very touching song about his mom who passed away and his daughter North. The song is called “Only One” and in the song he talks about his mom Donda talking to him from Heaven. Check out the lyrics below: As I lay me down to sleep I hear her speak to me… Read more »

Lady Jades Mom Gave Her An Inappropriate Gift [Listen Now]

Lady Jades mom gave her an inappropriate gift over the weekend, she gave her a book about sex! Her mom left a book on her bed that says “Mars and Venus In The Bedroom,” it’s about how men and woman are different sexually in the bedroom and how to satisfy your man. (Listen Below)

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