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Holiday Hot Spot

Christmas will be here faster than you think. Your boy Michael Shawn found a great holiday hot spot! He said you can get a 40 inch tv for only $90 at….[Listen Below]

This Is The Worst Song On The Radio

O snap!! Its “We The Worst” Wednesday! You already know Michael Shawn is about to drop you with another hit. This could possibly be the worst song to ever hit the radio! Promise! [Listen Below]

Daddy Diaries: Two Things You Cant Live Without

We all know that Michael Shawn absolutely loves his daughters. The conversations he has with them are always the cutest. In this weeks “Daddy Diaries,” he asked them what are two things they could not live with out. One daughter said, “water and a house,” but the other daughters answer was definitely unexpected. [Listen Below]]

Michael Shawn Says F Breast Milk

The hit “IDFWU” made by Big Sean, has to be Michael Shawns theme song! If anyone does something weird or just plain stupid, he’s quick to tell them “f you.” There are a few new people that he has put on the list and for good reasons! But you have to find out why he… Read more »

Grown Man Still Calls For Mommy

Dallas has been getting a lot of rain causing very strange things to happen to our city. Stores are low on daily essentials, flood warnings are happening everyday and the city is in a small panic. Michael Shawn, a grown freaking man, got so scared he called his mommy. [Listen Below]

The Offical Grocery Store Anthem

Lady’s where do you like to grocery shop? While your walking up and down the isles, we have the worst song you can listen to (of course by worst we mean the best)! Another hit by “We the Worst Records.” Michael Shawn got in the studio and layed down another track that’s guaranteed to make… Read more »

Why Michael Shawn Doesnt “F” With Kanye West

When Michael Shawn says he doesn’t “F” with someone, it really means he is bothered by their crazy behavior. Fetty Wap, Khloe Kardasian and Kanye West are a few people he really doesn’t “F” with! Find out why and who else made this list. [Listen Below]

A Woman Caught Shop Lifting Had Items In Her….

This is so crazy that it made Michael Shawns: Stranger Danger List! A woman was arrested for shop lifting. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, until we tell you where she hid the items. Her va-jay-jay!!!!! Find out how she did it and what else made the list. [Listen Below]

Daddy Diaries: Whats Your Favorite Holiday

Everyone has a favorite holiday! What’s yours? Christmas because of gifts, Thanksgiving because of food or how about Mothers Day? Michael Shawn had a chat with his daughters and you wouldn’t believe what they had to say. [Listen Below]

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