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Michael Shawn’s Daughter is Grown!

Michael Shawn’s 15 year old daughter wants Mike to meet a boy’s parents! Mike needed some advice from DeDe in the Morning and Lady Jade about what to do with his daughter. What would you do?

We The Worst Records Presents “Like Mike”

Is Michael Shawn’s home boy hatin’ on Mike and his life or does he really think Mike isn’t living right?! Check out We The Worst Records “Like Mike” and tell us what you think… Only with DeDe in the Morning!  

Barbershop Talk with Michael Shawn

If you are married is it better to have a joint or separate bank account? When Michael Shawn is with his boys at the Barbershop they like to talk, and this time Mike had to ask about bank accounts. What the guys had to say at the shop might really surprise you and so will… Read more »

Michael Shawn Says You Are Doing Too Much!

You are Doing too Much! Michael Shawn has to let a few people know when they need to take several seats, and this week a few stars made the list including Madona and her new butt! Find out who else made the list only on Dede In The Morning… ME

You Are Doing Too Much!

Sometimes you just have to let them know “YOU ARE DOING TOO MUCH!” Michael Shawn has a list of people that need to take several seats… Find out who made it on the list only with DeDe in the Morning!

You Are Doing Too Much!

Sometimes we have to let people know when they are taking things too far, sometimes you just want to tell some one to sit their butt down. Michael Shawn has his list of people that he has to let know “You Are Doing Too Much!” Listen and let us know if you agree with this… Read more »


As you know the DeDe in the Morning team has no filter, and they always say what they think. That’s why¬† Michael Shawn had to let some people know “YOU ARE DOING TOO MUCH!” you have to hear why people like Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Kevin Hart and even our very own White Gary ended… Read more »

We The Worst Records

If you thought Christmas songs in early December couldn’t get any worse then you haven’t heard of We The Worse Records. Michael Shawn has done it again ruining another song, you can say he went real stupid with this one… Check out Special Christmas only with DeDe in the Morning!  

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