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Lady Jade And A Married Man

Lady Jade has been on the dating scene for a minute now and she thought she found a guy she might want to date, that was until she found out he was married! The man was honest about still being married but he claimed they are not happy and discussing separation. Jade was going to… Read more »

Lady Jade’s Mystery Man

Does Lady Jade have a new man? DeDe saw Jade post a pic on her Instagram holding hands with a man! She even captioned it “Steal your hoodie season” but now Lady Jade is straight denying it. You have to listen and let us know is Jade lying or is she still single? Listen and… Read more »

I’ve Been Man Sharing For 8 Years

You know by now that DeDe in the Morning loves to get into peoples business. She will ask question after question to get all of the details she needs. Today DeDe spoke with a listener who has been “man sharing” for eight years so you know she had to dig deep. Not only is the… Read more »

Grown Men Dont Play With Dolls

There are certain things that you don’t expect to see a grown man doing. You wouldn’t see a grown man, jogging through a pasture of roses enjoying the smell, having a hard time choosing nail polish or playing with baby dolls. Wait, Lady Jade’s husband played with the dolls, but for a great reason! She… Read more »

Why Women Won’t Get A Man

Ladies you might not like this but some of you might agree. DeDe in the Morning found a list on the internet of reasons women born in the 80’s and 90’s wont get a man. Crazy right!! You will be very surprised at some of the reasons but many of them are somewhat true. [Listen… Read more »

How Did You Catch Your Man Cheating? [Listen Now]

Dede in the Morning got in a woman named Mrs. P’s business. She is divorcing her husband of two and a half years because she caught him cheating. She put a gps on his phone and caught him at the park in the car with her brothers girlfriend! (Listen Below)

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