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Mad Monday [Listen Now]

It’s Mad Monday! Dede is mad at White Gary because he invited her and Michael Shawn to the Oasis at Joe Pool Lake on Friday and he did not show up. (Listen Below)

It’s Mad Monday! [Listen Now]

It’s Mad Monday and we wanna know why everybody is Mad this morning. Dede is mad that the BET Awards kept her up till 2:15am this morning, Lady Jade is mad at the fact that Busta Rhymes looks like he swallowed another person. And Michael Shawn is mad because he almost got into a fight… Read more »

It’s Mad Monday [Listen Now]

It’s Mad Monday! Lady Jade is mad because she got bit by mosquitoes, White Gary is mad that it’s raining and that the USA soccer team gave up a goal with 10 secs left in the world cup yesterday and Michael Shawn is mad at his cable company because they took away his DVR because… Read more »

It’s MAD Monday!! [Listen Now]

It’s Mad Monday and Dede is mad because she had plans to go to a party over the weekend but couldn’t make it because her back was hurting her from the car accident she got in on Friday. We had listeners call in and tell us why they are mad!! (Listen Below)

It’s Mad Monday! [Listen Now]

It’s Mad Monday! What happened to you this weekend that still has you upset? We had listeners call up and tell us why there are mad! (Listen Below)

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