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Find Out Why DeDe in the Morning is Mad At Michael Shawn

On Thursday, DeDe in the Morning made a guest appearance on Fox 4 News. Before she went, Michael Shawn and White Gary made a $300 bet with her, ” I bet you wont say “bom-chicka-wah-wah…trap queen.” DeDe always accepts a good challenge and did exactly what they said to do. But now…..Michael Shawn doesn’t want… Read more »

It’s Mad Monday! [Listen Now]

It’s Mad Monday! Lady Jade is mad at DeDe for recommending the movie Top 5, she said the movie sucked! On a scale of 1-10 she gave it a 6! (Listen Below)

How Was Your Thanksgiving? [Listen Now]

Michael Shawn had an awkward moment during the holidays because his sisters boyfriend cooked a better Thanksgiving than his mother. Dede had a good thanksgiving up until she realized that her husband was not helping out and she had to do all the work. (Listen Below)

It’s Mad Monday! [Listen Now]

Michael Shawn is upset that his Giants lost again to the Dallas Cowboys last night. He lost a bet to Dede in the Morning and now he has to buy breakfast for a week. Lady Jade is mad that her husband is out of town and she got no sleep. (Listen Below)

It’s Mad Monday [Listen Now]

What happened to you this weekend that still has you Mad? Dede is mad because the cowboys lost, White Gary is mad because he dressed up as Popeye for Halloween and somebody stole the arms to his costume! LOL! (Listen Below)

It’s Mad Monday [Listen Now]

Dede was sad because her husband got admitted into the hospital over the weekend but then she got mad because he was taking advantage of the situation. He all of a sudden wanted stuff he had never had in his life like a smoothie with bananas and pomegranate and brussel sprout soup. (Listen Below)

It’s Mad Monday! [Listen Now]

It’s Mad Monday! What happened this weekend that has you hot? Dede is mad because at Lady Jade’s wedding over the weekend she had to sit at the kids table! (Listen Below)

Mad Monday [Listen Now]

It’s Mad Monday! Dede is mad because she thought it was going to be a nice weekend but instead it rained and flooded and it was the wettest Aug day in 20 years! Jade is mad that her fiancĂ© forgot to return two $1 red box dvds and now they had to pay $60! (Listen… Read more »

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