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Corona Confessions with DeDe

Everyone is supposed to be staying home and distancing as much as possible, but you can be honest with us your breaking some rules. DeDe in the Morning wants you to confess to what you have been doing during lock down that you know your not supposed to be doing. Have you been social distancing?… Read more »

Flaws and All with DeDe in the Morning

After Waka Flaka admitted to being a “wack” rapper DeDe realized she loves people who can be honest about their flaws.  You have to hear the flaws the team admitted to and even some of our listeners got in on the moment of honesty. Listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning!      

Favorite Christmas Songs with DeDe

Even if you don’t love Christmas you can still have a favorite Christmas song, and DeDe in the Morning wants to know yours. Listen to find out which songs DeDe and the team love hearing during this time of the year.      

Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together?

Meek Mill made a comment that got DeDe and the team thinking, can a good girl hang around savages or thots and not become one? Do birds of a feather flock together or can you be your own person and not let your friend’s choices influence you? Our listeners let us know exactly what they… Read more »

3 Things That Describe the DeDe in the Morning Team

DeDe in the Morning and the team were given homework by the boss. They had a meeting after the show, and he wanted to know what three things they would describe themselves as. DeDe didn’t understand the homework at first, because she was describing everyone else. Listen to how DeDe and the team see’s themselves,… Read more »

Racist Woman Attacks the DeDe in the Morning Team!

The DeDe in the Morning team is always happy to hear from our listeners, even a little criticism is cool, but one woman called and completely attacked the team on an extremely personal and racist level. To hear what she had to say and how the team handled it listen below…

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