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A Super Star On The Morning Show

We have a super star in the building! Lady Jade is going to be starring in a new stage play. Turns out her character is just a tad bit crazy though. Listen to the lines she has to recite…[Listen Below]

In The Delivery Room With Lady Jade

Lady Jade has been married for 10 months and we were wondering something. If Lady Jade had a baby who would she want in the delivery room from the morning show DeDe, Michael Shawn or White Gary? Boy it got heated! Find out who she would pick. [Listen Below]

Lady Jade & Her Hubby Compete

Our girl Lady Jade has officially been married for 10 months now! That’s awesome! Lady Jade says one thing that she has noticed so far is that her and her husband are extremely competitive. They are so competitive that they fuss and try to win at everything. It’s starting to go overboard, you wouldn’t believe… Read more »

Is That Lady Jade We Smell

Do you smell that? Yesterday DeDe in the Morning said Lady Jade’s feet didn’t smell so good. Today she thinks it may be Lady Jade again, this time her arm pits. For the second day in a row, DeDe says Lady Jade is funky. Find out what Lady Jade’s explanation is about the smell. This… Read more »

OMG! Is Lady Jade Pregnant

Well well well, Dede in The Morning says she thinks Lady Jade is pregnant! To be specific, DeDe said she had a vision of it! Its crazy because even Michael Shawn agreed, he said she had the “semen glow.” Although Lady Jade says she can’t be pregnant, you never know, so she took the test…. Read more »

Why Was Lady Jade Late For Work

Every morning DeDe in the Morning says,” Good morning Lady Jade, good morning Michael Shawn,” but that didn’t happen today. DeDe and Michael cut the mic on but Lady Jade was not there. Ten minutes pasted, then fifteen and still no Lady Jade. Everyone was wondering what the heck was going on then “BAM,” Lady… Read more »

Lady Jade And Hubby Beefing

Indeed, Lady Jade is still a newlywed! Her and her husband should be having fun and loving on one another but instead they are arguing! You wouldn’t believe what’s causing all the fusses. You would think is dirty dishes or or something with the house but no, its Lebron James!! [Listen Below]

Ask Siri About Sex

Now you know every iphone user knows exactly who Siri is! Siri answers any questions you may have with respect and knowledge, well your Siri does! DeDe in the Morning’s Siri is a little more rachet than you expect. Lady Jade has to wake up very early for work. She decided to ask Siri, “how… Read more »

Lets be honest, you may know a thing or two, but do you really know how to do your makeup? Eyeliner, shadows, contouring, it can all get so complicated. The person that had Lady Jade looking flawless for her wedding was Glam By Cham. She’s getting you hooked up with a makeup class! No matter… “>Read more »

The Pizza Man Aint Bout That Life

Ever sat back while relaxing and said, “Man, I want a pizza.” Its very simple to just order it, and they deliver right? Wrong! Find out why Lady Jade couldn’t get a pizza delivered to her best friends house. [Listen Below]

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