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Your Angry Sign with Lady Jade

Every one talks about the benefits in their horoscope but how does your zodiac sign act when your angry? Lady Jade is telling you and the team what the signs mean only on DeDe in the Morning…  

Lady Jade

When Cheaters Get Caught with Lady Jade

When cheaters get caught they all say the same thing…¬† Lady Jade can tell you exactly what cheaters say when they get busted. Listen and find out if you have ever heard¬† or used any of these excuses! Only with DeDe in the Morning  

Lady Jade

When Cheaters Get Caught with Lady Jade

If you are cheating there is always a chance you will get busted and for some reason we all tend to do the same things when we get caught. Lady Jade can tell you exactly how cheaters act when they get caught up, listen to hear if you have ever seen or done these things…

Lady Jade

Lady Jade’s Emotional Affairs

Lady Jade knows the signs of you having an emotional affair… If you don’t know what that means you have to listen to this you may be having one and not even know it! Find out with DeDe in the Morning  

WTH You Doing At The Courthouse with Lady Jade

Lady Jade always hears the best stories when she hangs oout at the courthouse and this Og did not disappoint… Find out what happen when Lady Jade asked him “WTH You doing at the Courthouse?!” Only on DeDe in the Morning  

Lady Jade

Things We Always Forget with Lady Jade

What are some things you can never remember? Lady Jade has a list of the things that are always forgotten. Listen to see if you agree or if these are things you can’t remember either? Only with DeDe in the Morning!  

Lady Jade

Lady Jade’s Health Tips

We have all heard the saying “New Year, New Me!” Well Lady Jade has some health tips to help you out with your new year goals. Listen to see if she can help you out, and if DeDe in the Morning agrees…

Lady Jade Reviews the Bird Box

The Bird Box on Netflix has gone viral, but DeDe in the Morning hasn’t seen it yet. Lady Jade tried to explain the movie and give a little review, You have to hear what the team had to say about this thriller…

Lady Jade

Lady Jade Dates a Vegan!

Should Lady Jade give up meat for a man!? Jade is back in the dating game but one man she has been talking to is a full on vegan and he wants her to stop eating meat and dairy. You know DeDe in the Morning had an opinion about that… Find out what the team… Read more »

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