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No Patience With Kids

This is a great idea, wait, or is it? DeDe in the Morning want to host a talent show for kids on TV but she doesn’t have the patience. She gave it a shot anyway and found out these kids can really….[Listen Below]

DDITM: Summertime Savages

Pools, beaches and sleeping the mornings away all happen during your kids favorite time of the year, summertime! Although every kid may love the summertime, parents may not feel the same. While at work, its likely that the kids are at home getting into something they shouldn’t. Have your kids already gotten in trouble? A… Read more »

Parents Fight At A Kids Game

Sports, no matter if it’s a pee-wee league or the NFL, can get very intense. You’ve seen it before, parents getting so mad that they go off on the coaches or referees. Have you ever been to a kids game and witnessed a parent act a fool? DeDe in the Morning has and so have… Read more »

DeDe’s DM: Should I Confront My Kids Bullies? [Listen Now]

A woman named Tracey wrote DeDe a DM because she needed her advice. She dropped her 8 year old son off at school and she seen two kids walk up and push him. She doesn’t know if she should confront her sons bullies or let him handle it on his on his own? (Listen Below)

Get In Your Business: Woman Has 9 Kids! [Listen Now]

DeDe interviewed a woman named Amanda who is 31 years old with 9 kids. All her kids are by the same father and they are between the ages of 1 and 12. DeDe asked her if her “stuff” got stretched out! (Listen Below)

Deion Sanders’ Ex Pilar Sentenced To 7 Days In Jail!

Deion Sanders ex-wife Pilar was sentenced to seven days in jail on Tuesday. District Judge Ray Wheless ruled that Pilar Sanders was in contempt of court when she violated part of the couple’s divorce agreement when she didn’t return the couple’s children to Deion in a timely manner. Deion Sanders won sole custody of the… Read more »

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