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Resume Don’ts!

Do you think you have a good resume? Well if you have any of these things on it, then it’s not a good resume! Listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning, at the things you should not put on your resume.  

Job Fair Seeking Employers

Do you need a job? Man, you better not miss the job fair tomorrow at Friendship West. Don’t forget your resume. Here are all the details. [Listen Below]

Need A Job?

Do you need a job or know of a friend who does? Great, we’ve got your help. Miss Community Diane Gibson has all the information that you’ll need to know. [Listen Below]

Lady Jade’s Job Never Ends With Her Family! [Listen Now]

Lady Jade’s job never ends, she says that when she gets off work at 10am do not call her and ask about traffic! Last night her mom called while she was asleep and she thought it was an emergency but her mom just wanted to ask her about traffic. (Listen Below)

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