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Stories from the Hood ” The Corner Store Special”

DeDe in the Morning knows the best stories come from the hood and Breeze never disappoints. Breeze got sent to the store by his aunt to go pick up some chicken and she asked for “The Corner Street Special” but what he didn’t realize it wasn’t just chicken he was picking up… Find out what… Read more »

Stories from the Hood: Donald Trump

Breeze knows people in “high places” and was able to get Donald Trump ordering all those burgers for the College Champions! Listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning!

Tales From the Hood Christmas Give Away

Uh oh! Breeze almost got caught up by the police with some items that may or may not have been stolen… You have to hear what happen on this episode of Tales From The Hood only on DeDe in the Morning!  

Hood Stories with DeDe In The Morning

In this chapter of Hood Stories Breeze the Producer told us about the neighborhood “Candy Lady” who sold a lot more then just candy, she can even help you pass a drug test at least she said she could… Find out how the “clean” urine got dirty with DeDe In The Morning!

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