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DeDe’s DM House Or Wedding

What would you do give your wife her dream wedding or save the money for a new home? DeDe got hit in the DM and this man needs advice. He and his eventually wife plan on taking the next step in their relationship, you know getting married and buying a house together. The problem is… Read more »

Shots Fired Outside Vice President Joe Biden’s Home!

A speeding vehicle fired multiple shots outside the Delaware residence of Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday evening, the Secret Service said. Mr. Biden and his wife, Jill, were out for the evening at the time of shooting. There were no reported injuries. The Secret Service said “multiple shots” were fired from a vehicle driving… Read more »

Is Nachos Considered A Home Cooked Meal? [Listen Now]

Lady Jade and her husband have been married for 4 months and they got into their first disagreement over dinner. She made nachos for dinner last night and he said that nachos are not a meal it’s a football snack. Do you think nachos is considered a home cooked meal? (Listen Below)

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