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The Credit Slayer with DeDe in the Morning

DeDe in the Morning loves to help her community and so does the Credit Slayer! Take a listen to get the information you need to fix your credit or at least get it going on the right path. Find out if your questions were answered.      

Jobs Available

No need to feel alone during the holidays. Ms. Dianne Gibson can tell you where to go to get the help you need this season. No matter what it is you’re looking for jobs, events, assistance or just a helping hand. Take a listen with DeDe in the Morning to find out more.    … Read more »

Child Support Attorney Cathy with DeDe in the Morning

Are you dealing with the child support system on your own? It can be really expensive to get a lawyer involved, that’s why DeDe in the Morning has child support attorney Cathy Middleton come in and give free advice to her listeners. Listen to find out if any of your questions were answered and where… Read more »

Jobs Available

Find a job, get your bills paid, and get all the information you need to know from Ms. Dianne Gibson aka Ms. Community. Just Listen with DeDe in the Morning to find out more…      

Jobs Available

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! Miss Community keeps telling you if you are looking for work then you need to be listening to this. The Census Bureau is hiring, Amazon is hiring and giving information about how to get hired today. Stop looking and start applying and help your city out Dallas needs information about the climate… Read more »

Rudy Rush is the Wife Whisperer

Rudy Rush is back for another round of “Wife Whisperer” he really believes he can help women get married or even maintain their marriage with his advice. According to DeDe in the Morning most likely not! Listen to hear if his advice is any good for you and your significant other.  

Child Support Attorney with DeDe in the Morning

No matter what side of the child support system you are on you can get your questions answered by Child Support Attorney Cathy Middleton! If your a mom trying to find out what steps to take to get the father of your child supporting them, or your a father who believes they are paying to… Read more »

Jobs Available

Still looking for work? Then listen to Ms. Dianne Gibson she can tell you about every opportunity available to you in your community. Jobs, assistance programs, events and so much more. Check it out with DeDe in the Morning!      

Jobs Available

Are you still looking for work? Then its time for you to listen to Ms. Dianne Gibson because she can tell you exactly where to go. There is a lot happening in your city and Ms. Community can give you all the information you need. Listen and learn what’s in store for you this week… Read more »

Jobs Available

Want to know what your community has in store for you take a listen to Ms. Dianne Gibson! She can tell you about jobs, assistance programs and even events happening in your city, only on DeDe in the Morning.  

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