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What Makes a Woman a Gold Digger?

If a woman wants a man of a certain income status does that automatically make her a gold digger? What if she is making her own money? DeDe in the Morning wants to know what you consider to be a gold digger? Check out what  the team and other listeners had to say about the… Read more »

Not a Gold Digger with Lady Jade

Lady Jade wants the women to know just because you date a man with money, it doesn’t make you a gold digger! Women are always being labeled gold diggers, but that’s not the case in some situations. Listen to find out the difference with DeDe in the Morning.  

Michael Shawn Says There Were Two Drafts Last Night [Listen Now]

Michael Shawn says he is going to rename the NBA Draft to “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” because last night sixty young men became millionairs. What they didn’t know is they were also being drafted into another league “The Gold Digger League.” It’s a secret draft nobody knows who they pick but there is… Read more »

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