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DeDe’s DM 13 Year Girlfriend

How long is too long to wait to get married? A woman has been with her boyfriend for 13 years and they have a few kids together but he still isn’t ready to get married! So she hit up DeDe’s DM to get some advice, should she force him to marry her or should she… Read more »

Stop Acting Like a Wife, When you are JUST a Girlfriend!

Lady Jade went over a list of rules for ladies and one of them was ” Stop acting like a WIFE, when you are JUST a GIRLFRIEND!” and lets just say our phones started ringing off the hook! Our listeners really had an opinion on that statement. Lady jade agreed with the rule but DeDe… Read more »

Do You Need A Girlfriends Getaway? [Listen Now]

Join DeDe, Lady Jade and Draya for a three day event in April with the ladies of B Donna’s. It’s a “Girlfriends Getaway” the weekend of April 17th in Rockwall and they are having a women’s retreat. (Listen Below)

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