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Can a Friend Date Your Ex?

Would you be ok with a friend dating your ex? They are your ex for a reason but is there some type of code that is supposed to be followed? DeDe in the Morning wants to know what you think about these situations. Listen, laugh and drop a comment.      

Can You Crack the Girl Code?

DeDe in the Morning wanted to see if the guys really know what women are saying, because they aren’t always straight up. Women say one thing and it really means something completely different. Can you crack the girl code? Listen, laugh and drop a comment if their was something she missed.  

DeDe’s DM Needs Girl Code Help

A woman hit up DeDe’s DM asking for help about girl code, she needs to know if its ok for her to date a man who used to date her ex friend… She’s not friends with the woman any more so does Girl Code still count?      

DeDe in the Morning’s Girl Code Commandments

We have all heard of guy code ” bros before h@#$” but girl code is much deeper then that. DeDe in the Morning has the Girl Code Commandments all women should know. Take a listen to hear if you agree or if you have been breaking the rules!      

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