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F My Self

This is strange. Michael Shawn put himself on the F U List because…[Listen Below]

Michael Shawn Gets Hood

It’s time for the world famous ” F U List!” This time around Michael Shawn made the list real personal. Over the weekend someone pissed him off and made him get a little hood. This story is crazy! [Listen Below]

Funniest F U List Ever

It’s time for the world famous “F U List!” There’s a new guy who made the list and he actually deserves to be on it. He committed a crime and turned himself in for the money! This story is crazy! [Listen Below]

I Hate Pajamas

It’s time for the world famous “F U List!” Any person, place or thing has the chance of being on it. Michael Shawn said he absolutely hates pajamas and put them on the list because… [Listen Below]

Former Cowboy Makes F U List

Its time for Michael Shawn’s world famous “F U List!” He says he absolutely hates when people owe you money and want to pay you back in installments. Find out why a former member of the Cowboys made the list as well. [Listen Below]

F U Michael Shawn

You know your boy Michael Shawn will put any person, place or thing that did something crazy on his “F U List.” This is something we never expected! Michael Shawn put himself on the list! That’s crazy. Find out why…[Listen Below]

Celebrity F U List

You know Michael Shawn is quick to put someone on his “F U List!” There are tons of celebrities that have pissed him off back in the day so he decided to add more. Find out why SWV, MC Hammer and other celebrities made the “F U List.” [Listen Below]

DeDe Makes the F U List

When Michael Shawn doesn’t agree with something someone does, especially if it wasn’t the smartest thing, he puts them on his “F U List.” We can’t believe he put DeDe in the Morning on the list. This is why…[Listen Below]

“F” That Old Woman

Boy seems like anybody and everybody now-a-day is making Michael Shawns “F U List.” Not that he doesn’t like the people, he just cant “F” with the things that they do. Its getting ruthless, find out why a 73 year old woman made the list. [Listen Below]

F U To Someone in DFW

Michael Shawn’s infamous “F U List” is in full affect! Can you believe someone from the DFW made the list. Was it you? The sneaky wife of a former mayor also makes the list because of …..[Listen Below]

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