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Good Hood Meals

No matter how much money you have everyone has had a “Hood Meal”. Rudy Rush has a list of food that is considered hood. It sounds like DeDe in the Morning has had all the hood foods, listen, laugh and find out which hood foods you have indulged in too.  

Things You Hate to See in Restaurants

Everyone loves to go out to eat until you see something in your favorite food spots that just shouldn’t be there. What is an automatic turn off in restaurants for you? Listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning as they talk about the nasty things they have seen in restaurants.  

Best Food At the Fair

The Texas State Fair is coming to and end. Make sure if you haven’t been you get there fast to eat some great food. DeDe in the Morning said the best thing to eat when you go is….[Listen Below]

Chef Cassy Hooking It Up

Wait, you cant fry everything, or can you? Chef Cassy will be back at the State Fair. Can you believe this year she is frying…[Listen Below]

Finally Healthy Foods That Actually Taste Good

Many people think that in order to eat healthy, you have to eat nasty foods that have no season an absolutely no taste or flavor! That’s definitely not true, just ask Lady Jade! She found a spot called “My Fit Foods” that serves unprocessed food that is freaking amazing and healthy!! [Listen Below]

What’s The Best Take Out Food? [Listen Now]

Michael Shawn says the best take out food is the BBQ spare ribs at his Chinese spot. He says Chinese restaurants have the best BBQ spare ribs in the history of spare ribs! They’re greasy and delicious and you get a fortune cookie at the end of the meal. (Listen Below)

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