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These airline flight fights are getting crazy, another person is getting locked up for hitting a flight attendant, Cardi B is having to say sorry for giving her opinion on rappers, and these dead celebrities are making more money than a lot of us living!┬áDeDe is trying to keep you updated on what’s happening in… Read more »

The Forever Family Feud

Family is forever but that also means you could be mad at them forever. DeDe wants to know how long have you been mad at your family member? Why are you beefing? Is it petty or serious? Drop your stories in the comments and check out what our other listeners said. listen and laugh with… Read more »

DeDe’s Mean Sister

When you have siblings there is always a “mean one” ! DeDe in the Morning got one of her sisters on the phone to say who the mean one is out of all of them. The story she tells proves its DeDe! Listen and laugh.  

Parents Fight At A Kids Game

Sports, no matter if it’s a pee-wee league or the NFL, can get very intense. You’ve seen it before, parents getting so mad that they go off on the coaches or referees. Have you ever been to a kids game and witnessed a parent act a fool? DeDe in the Morning has and so have… Read more »

Officer On Leave McKinney, Tx

A Texas police officer who drew his gun on unarmed teenagers and threw a African American teen girl to the ground after responding to a disturbance, has been placed on administrative leave. There are many angles and opinion on this topic. Why did the cop do such a thing, should he be fired? Why were… Read more »

Fight At Family Dollar

Everybody knows DeDe in the Morning can get a little nosey at times. She absolutely loves to get in peoples business. DeDe got in the business of a listener and found out she almost got in a fight at the dollar store, while she was pregnant! [Listen Below]

DeDe in the Morning Hated the Fight, Find Out Why

Seems like everybody and “their mama” is saying the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight was boring! After the full 12 rounds, Mayweather remained undefeated. “Who cares, it was still boring,” check out why DeDe in the Morning just wasn’t feeling it.

Laila Ali disses Mayweather

As the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao approaches, we’re sure Mayweather thinks he’s the greatest but someone disagrees! Laila Ali has a message for the CEO of the Money Team, “Just because you THINK you’re the greatest, doesn’t make it true!” Ali was leaving LAX yesterday when she stated that she’s not mad at Floyd for BELIEVING… Read more »

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