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DeDe’s DM Fake Father’s Day

A woman hit DeDe in the DM asking for some advice after her 9-year-old son’s father suddenly wants to spend father’s day with him, but he has never been involved in this child’s life before. Should she give this deadbeat dad a chance or put him on blast? Listen with DeDe in the Morning and… Read more »

DeDe’s Date Fail Fake Fiancé

Date Fail is the perfect description for what happen to this woman. Her first date with a man quickly turned into her being his fake fiancé for his granny! You have to hear what happen to this woman when her date left her at his grandma’s house only on DeDe’s Date Fail!  

Signs They Are a Bum Not a Baller

There are a lot of fake, phony people out here and sometimes it can be hard to tell the real from the real liars, But Lady Jade can let you know the signs a person is a bum not a baller! Take a listen and find out the red flags you should have seen only… Read more »

Is Dede Taking Out Her Weave? [Listen Now]

Dede is going to get her hair done and everybody wants her to go natural. Michael Shawn says he likes woman with weave. What do men really want … Natural or fake? (Listen Below)

Dede Wants A Fake Butt! [Listen Now]

Draya Michele from ‘Basketball Wives LA’ is taking shots at Kim Kardashian famous booty! One of her friends posted a pic of Kim as her #WCW on Instagram and Michele made the comment, @sodraya: “That azz is hanging like t*ts.” Both woman claim their butts are real and deny getting butt implants or butt injections…. Read more »

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