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The Signs Of High Maintenance Men

There are some high maintenance men out there and you could be dating one or possibly be one! DeDe in the Morning has the signs of high maintenance men. Some are more obvious than others but it’s all about the little details, if they are high maintenance it is all about the small details. Listen… Read more »

You Are Doing Too Much! According to Michael Shawn

Michael Shawn has a list of people that just need to be called out for all the extra they do. Check out Mike’s You Doing Too Much list according to DeDe in the Morning its one of the only things she likes about him…  

Michael Shawn Says “You Are Doing Too Much!”

Sometimes you have to let people know when they are stepping out of line or like Michael Shawn likes to say, when “You Are Doing Too Much!” Find out who made it on the list today. It might even be you… Listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning.  

You Are Doing Too Much! with Michael Shawn

People be doing the most, and Michael Shawn will let you know “You Are Doing Too Much!” Listen to find out who made it on Mike’s list this week, only with DeDe in the Morning.  

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