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DeDe’s DM Juicy Booty

It goes down in DeDe’s DM! A young lady contacted DeDe in the Morning to ask for help with her man. He keeps calling her a name he used to call his ex and he is even saying it while they are in bed. Find out what name he keeps calling her and what advice… Read more »

Siri Helps To Get Revenge On An Ex

Every Iphone user has asked Siri a question before. If you’re using DeDe in the Morning’s phone you may get a “hood” Siri with a cut throat answer. LOL! DeDe asked her Siri “How do you get revenge on your ex?” The advice she gave was quite….interesting! [Listen Below]

Im Flexing On My Ex

Have you ever dated or been with someone who did you wrong then up and left you? Just when you thought the world was over, life decided to flip flop. Now your doing great and your ex is practically down in the dumps. Well go ahead and let them know with “Flex on Your Ex!”… Read more »

Is It Ok To Keep Gifts Your Ex Once Gave You

Moving onto a new relationship is always a touchy topic, so much to think about and consider. Because of past love, you end up with gifts from your ex even after you break up. Eventually you get into a new relationship, is it ok to keep the gifts? DeDe in the Morning says, “hell yes!”… Read more »

Should You Date Your Best Friends Ex….

DeDe in the Morning received a DM asking for advice. A girls is really starting to like a new guy that she met, but her best friend had a one night stand with him once. Do you think she should date him, even though her BFF “technically” already has? This is what DeDe in the… Read more »

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