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Lori the Dream Expert with DeDe in the Morning

Your dreams can┬ámean a lot of things but we can get mixed signals, Lori the Dream Lady can tell you exactly what your dreams or nightmares mean to you. Listen and learn with DeDe in the Morning!      

Lori the Dream Lady with DeDe in the Morning

Are you experiencing weird dreams and you have no idea what they mean? Let Lori the Dream lady help you! She can decipher the secret message your mind is trying to send you in your sleep. Take a listen and learn something about yourself with DeDe in the Morning.      

Lori the Dream Expert with DeDe in the Morning

Those reoccurring dreams mean something, they could have a deep meaning, or maybe you are putting way too much meaning into them. Find out what your dreams mean for your with Lori the Dream Expert only with DeDe in the Morning!  

Lori The Dream Lady with DeDe In The Morning

Do you have reoccurring dreams, but you don’t know what they mean? Let Lori the Dream Lady help you understand what is happening in your head! Check out how Lori helped some of DeDe in the Morning listeners…

Lori The Dream Lady

Do you have reoccurring dreams? Are you falling in your dream? Is there one dream that you can’t forget? If you have any questions about dreams Lori The Dream Lady has answers for you. All dreams have meaning, it can be big or small find out what your dreams mean… Click to hear what these… Read more »

What Does My Dream Mean

In honor of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech, we have Lori the Dream Lady in the building! Do you keep having weird dreams and want to know what they mean? [Listen Below]

What Does My Dream Mean

Have you had a reoccurring dream and you really want to know what it means. Do your dreams often involve snakes, falling or having missing teeth? Lori The Dream Lady is here to help you find out what your dreams are trying to tell you.[Listen Below]

What Does My Dream Mean

Ever had a weird dream and wanted to know what it meant? Is there a dream that you continue to have and wonder why? Lori The Dream Lady listened to what our listeners had to say about their dreams and told them exactly what their dreams meant. You may have had a similar dream, get… Read more »

DeDe’s Dreams Come True At Kroger

Dede in the Morning was doing her typical shopping at Kroger and something so funny happened. Krogers is doing a promotion with the Children’s Miracle Network and DeDe decided to donate. The cashier offered DeDe the opportunity to talk on the intercom and told her, “If you do it, you could be just like the… Read more »

Why Is Lady Jade’s Husband Dreaming About DeDe?! [Listen Now]

Lady Jade’s husband has been having dreams about DeDe. In the dreams him and DeDe met at a restaurant, they exchanged phone numbers and got married so Lady Jade tried to stab him! LOL! DeDe in the Morning had Lori “The Dream Expert,” on the show to analyze the dream. (Listen Below)

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