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How To Slide In The DMs

There are rules when it comes to sliding into someone’s DM and Lady Jade has them for you! Listen to find out if you are breaking the rules and possibly looking a little crazy when you do it.  

Not Ready For Marriage

DeDe’s DM: A listeners friend told her that her boyfriend is getting ready to propose. Sounds awesome, but she isn’t ready for marriage. Should she not go to the party? What should she do? [Listen Below]

Friendship Vs. Finance

DeDe in the Morning got a DM from a listener needing advice. She got a raise but her co-worker, who is a friend, pay got deducted. Her friend wants them both to quit. What should she do? DeDe in the Morning says… [Listen Below]

My Man Been Locked Up

DeDe’s DM: My man gets out of jail soon, but I think I’ve moved on, help me! What should I do? Love him or leave him… [Listen Below]

Should I Stay Or Go

DeDe’s DM: A listener found out her man had been searching his ex on Facebook and now she’s hurt. She asked DeDe in the Morning if she was overreacting or should she leave. DeDe said…[Listen Below]

You Are Not The Father

DeDe’s DM: A listener DM’d DeDe in the Morning needing advice. Should she confess to her husband that their second child is not his? Its actually for his….[Listen Below]

Found A Condom In My Mans Luggage

DeDe in the Morning received a DM from a listener who really needed some advice! Her man went to Las Vegas with his boys and after he returned she found a condom in his luggage. She has no clue how to handle the situation. DeDe and our listeners said she should…. [Listen Below]

DDITM: Side Chick Needs Advice

DeDe in the Morning has received a DM from a listener who really needs some relationship advice. She said that her and her guy are really in love and have shared some great times. Sounds like a beautiful story, but he won’t leave his main relationship, our listener is the side chick. Of course she… Read more »

Rats In The Restaurant

Its DeDe in the Morning’s DM: A listener decided to visit a popular restaurant here in the D-F-Dub. While at the restaurant he saw a rat run across the floor next to his table. The guy and his wife immediately paid the tab and left. Should they have said something? What would you have done?… Read more »

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