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How To Raise A Daughter

You know Michael Shawn loves his kids! If you are a dad, check this out. Michael Shawn has the top 3 things that you’ll need to raise a daughter. The very first things is…[Listen Below]

When Kids Drive You Crazy

Do your kids ever drive you crazy in the car? Making loud noises, talking way to much or even singing a song way to loud. Listen to Michael Shawn’s daughters perform BeyoncĂ© as they drove their mom crazy! [Listen Below]

Im To Big For Skinny Jeans

It’s time for, “Daddy Diaries!” Michael Shawns daughters told him he needs to get with the latest fashions and try wearing skinny jeans. We don’t know if Michael Shawn was to big or the jeans were to small but he had the hardest time getting into them. He said it’s because of his big…. [Listen… Read more »

What Are You Afraid Of

Every child is afraid of something. Most are afraid of thunder, the dark or big dogs. Michael Shawn tells us in “Daddy Dairies,” that his daughter confessed that she is actually afraid of…. [Listen Below]

Who Will Take Care Of Me

No such thing as a nursing home, Michael Shawn’s family believes you should take care of the elders in your family. This got Michael Shawn to thinking, “Who will take care of me when I get old.” He asked his daughters and they said… [Listen Below]

What Kind Of Snorer Are You

Sometimes you just want to sit down and have a conversation with your kids to see what their views are on things. Do you snore loud or are you a quiet snorer? Michael Shawn’s sat with his daughters and found out they have a little something to say about people who snore. [Listen Below]

How To Make Your Kids Sleep

It’s time for Daddy Diaries!! Anybody with kids from 11 an under know that if you really want your kids to take a nap in the day time you have to let them play hard core or get into a lot of activity to were them out. Take them to the park, go running, you’d… Read more »

Instagram Will Be Shut Down

Michael Shawn loves his kids!! Its time for, “Daddy Diaries!” This time Michael Shawn allowed one of his daughters to discuss whatever topic she wanted. Of all topics, his 11 year old daughter chose politics! She said until the U.S finds out how Isis is getting information form social media, they should shut all social… Read more »

Daddy Diaries: Two Things You Cant Live Without

We all know that Michael Shawn absolutely loves his daughters. The conversations he has with them are always the cutest. In this weeks “Daddy Diaries,” he asked them what are two things they could not live with out. One daughter said, “water and a house,” but the other daughters answer was definitely unexpected. [Listen Below]]

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