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DeDe’s DM is Running Background Checks

Should DeDe’s DM run a background check on a guy she had a great date with? A woman hit up DeDe in the Morning asking for advice, her friend is a cop and wants her to run a back round check. Would you? Listen, laugh and let DeDe in the Morning know what you would… Read more »

DeDe’s DM Needs Girl Code Help

A woman hit up DeDe’s DM asking for help about girl code, she needs to know if its ok for her to date a man who used to date her ex friend… She’s not friends with the woman any more so does Girl Code still count?      

DeDe’s DM #1 Step-Mom

We all know the step parent role is a hard one to be in or deal with especially if you are dealing with step-moms like this… DeDe in the Morning was contacted after a woman says her child’s step-mother bought her self a necklace that says “#1 Mom” . How would you react to another… Read more »

DeDe’s DM Wants to Stop Her Ex’s Wedding!

Would you stop a wedding if you were still in love with the person getting married? DeDe in the Morning got a DM about a woman saying that her ex is getting married but it’s too soon, she is still in love with him and she thinks he’s making a mistake. She is asking DeDe… Read more »

DeDe’s DM the Uber Underwear

A woman sent DeDe in the Morning a DM and wanted some advice, she keeps finding underwear in the backseat of his car! He is claiming its coming from driving Uber and the drunk couples are doing it. She needs to know if she should believe him. Find out what DeDe and our listeners had… Read more »

DeDe’s DM Stayed After They Cheated

Would you stay with someone that cheated and ended up having a side baby? DeDe in the Morning got a DM asking for her advice on staying with their cheater. Find out what some of our listeners think about DeDe’s DM…  

DeDe’s DM Friends Gone Too Far!

Have you ever had a “friend”, that one day turned into more then that? DeDe in the Morning is trying to give advice to some one that slept with their best friend. One wants to go back to being friends but the other wants more! Do you think they will ever be able to be… Read more »


What would you do if your 17 year old slept with a 28 year old family member? It goes down in the DM, but it looks like it goes down between family members too. DeDe in the Morning has to help this dad! Find out what happen on DeDe’s DM…

DeDe’s DM Crazy People’s Names

DeDe in the Morning was contacted in her DM and a woman demanded DeDe apologizes for shaming people named Rhonda, because DeDe thinks people named Rhonda are crazy. What are some names of people that are always crazy? You have to hear the names our listeners gave, maybe it was yours!

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