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Secret Love Affair

Get in Your Business: DeDe in the Morning got in Orlando’s business. Turns out, Orlando has been with his girlfriend for 7 years but hasn’t proposed yet because he is secretly sleeping with…[Listen Below]

DeDe Gets In Your Business: I Caught An STD Because…..

Don’t you love when DeDe in the Morning gets all in peoples business? DeDe got all in one listeners business and ask the most outrageous questions! Find out why a listener caught an STD and tried to run her boyfriend over with a car. WOW! [Listen Below]

DeDe in the Morning’s Neighbors Are Not Bout That Life

Everybody loves a good house party! Your girl DeDe in the Morning through a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight party at her house, but her neighbors had a huge problem with that. They decided to leave a nasty note on her door instead of telling her face to face. Guess they’re not “Bout That Life.” Find… Read more »

Find Out Why DeDe in the Morning is Mad At Michael Shawn

On Thursday, DeDe in the Morning made a guest appearance on Fox 4 News. Before she went, Michael Shawn and White Gary made a $300 bet with her, ” I bet you wont say “bom-chicka-wah-wah…trap queen.” DeDe always accepts a good challenge and did exactly what they said to do. But now…..Michael Shawn doesn’t want… Read more »

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