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Sex On The First Date

You would think that if a girl gives it up on the first date, she would surely get a second, NOT! In this go round of “DeDe’s Date Fail, a guy refuses to go on date number two with a girl who gave it up to fast on the first date. Crazy thing is, he… Read more »

DeDe Has A Crush On A GIRL!

This past weekend DeDe in the Morning went back home to celebrate the anniversary of her mom and step dad. While at the family party, DeDe realized that she had a girl crush! She was absolutely in love with her 3 year old niece. DeDe’s neice had $2 with so many plans on how to… Read more »

He Cheated With His Boss

It isn’t a surprise to anyone, everyone knows that DeDe in the Morning loves to get in peoples business. Every so often, DeDe is shocked at what she finds out and this is definitely one of those cases. After interviewing a listener, DeDe finds out that the woman’s boyfriend cheated on her with his boss…. Read more »

Fight At Family Dollar

Everybody knows DeDe in the Morning can get a little nosey at times. She absolutely loves to get in peoples business. DeDe got in the business of a listener and found out she almost got in a fight at the dollar store, while she was pregnant! [Listen Below]

This Is One Crazy: DeDe’s Date Fail

Have you ever been left at a party while you were out on a date? Well, it happened to one of our listeners named Taylor. Rodney brought her on a date but got way to drunk and left her alone. You guessed it, he actually wants a date number two! What would you say? Taylors… Read more »

I Got Caught Cheating

You know that DeDe in the Morning can get real nosey, every now and then she likes to get into folks business. After asking a thousand questions, she found out how a listener got caught cheating on her man. This story is crazy!! [Listen Below]

Can You Date A Guy Who is A Little Feminine?

Ladies! Would you be able to date a guy who acted a little feminine? What if he talks about fashion to much or is in the bathroom way longer than you? DeDe in the Mornings DATE FAIL: Mary said Scott was a little to feminine. Will Scott get another date? [Listen Below]

Why Is DeDe In The Morning So Hairy? [Listen Now]

DeDe in the Morning’s growing hair rapidly in the weirdest places. Two month ago DeDe burned her hair while straightening it, a friend told her to take the hair vitamin called Infinity. Since then, her hair has been growing fast but EVERYWHERE! (Listen Below)

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