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DeDe’s Hot Topics

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg testifies in front of congress with little to no personality. Will Gabriel Union lose her husband to another woman. DeDe gives more information on Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s situation…[Listen Below]

DeDe’s Women’s History Month Kickoff Luncheon

‼️LADIES ONLY‼️🤫 #dedeinthemorning #womenshistorymonth #kickoffluncheon #march1 #dressforsuccessdallas #girlsinc A post shared by 👑DeDe McGuire || King of Radio (@dedeinthemorning) on Feb 6, 2018 at 10:25am PST Celebrate Women’s History Month with DeDe in the Morning, Benefiting Dress for Success Dallas and Girls Inc. organizations. Come show your support! This inaugural luncheon is a celebration of… Read more »

Dr. Sheron Patterson

Congrats to our own Dr. Sheron Patterson for doing a great job a the memorial service yesterday. [Listen Below]

DeDe Gets A Big Offer

So everyone has been saying that DeDe in the Morning can really sing? She got offered the opportunity to sing the national anthem at this years State Fair Classic. Will she do it? DeDe says…. [Listen Below]

Listeners Did Shots It With DeDe

Do you want to do it with DeDe? You could go shopping, hit up the movies and other fun things of that nature. A group of listeners got to “Do it With DeDe” at Gloria’s for happy hour. Shots! Shots! Shots! You know DeDe in the Morning is always turnt up. Her and our listeners… Read more »

Better Have My Money

Don’t you love when DeDe in the Morning gets all in peoples business? DeDe got all in a listeners business and ask the most outrageous questions! She found out that a listeners ex still owes them $380. “Ques Rihanna music,” our listener says she wants her money. Find out how they plan on getting it…. Read more »

The Price Is Right

Do you remember the show “The Price Is Right?” DeDe in the Morning and Michael Shawn both think that they are best at playing this game. There can only be one winner so you know it got real in the studio. Can you guess who won? [Listen Below]

Want To Do It With DeDe?

Want to “Do It With DeDe?” Your girl DeDe in the Morning wants to hang out with you. A day filled with fun going shopping, getting your nails done or maybe hit the movies. Listeners let DeDe know what they have in mind but you won’t believe where one listener wants to take DeDe. [Listen… Read more »

Did You See DeDe On TV

This is so awesome, DeDe in the Morning is everywhere, did you catch her on Deion’s Family Playbook Saturday night? Deion Sander’s son stopped by the studio to debut his new song and was a bit nervous to see if people would like it. After DeDe played it the phone lines went crazy! Find out… Read more »

DeDe Parties With Dirk Nowitzki

Turn up, DeDe in the Morning partied with Dirk Nowitzki this past weekend, or so she says. Once before she said she partied with Dez Bryant turns out he was just in the same building. Another time she said she linked up with Jason Garrett, but truth is he just walked by. So did DeDe… Read more »

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