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Addicted To Spending

Have you ever got sucked in to buying something from an infomercial? Was it a good or bad purchase? Michael Shawn said once, he bought a…[Listen Below]

My Mother’s Day Sucked

DeDe in the Morning wants to know if your Mother’s Day was a “win” or a “fail”? One listener said it was a total…. [Listen Below]

You’re Not A Cowboy

DeDe’s Date Fail: A guy named Curtis went on a date with Linda. He decided to bring her to the AT&T Stadium which is very impressive but Linda didn’t like the fact that he lied about…[Listen Below]

Scandal Coming To An End

DeDe’s Hot Topics: High school students now must take breathalyzer test before and after prom. One of our favorite “black shows” is coming to and end…[Listen Below]

T-Bone The Upcoming Comedian

Michael Shawn has given a man named T-Bone a shot at being a comedian. T-Bone performed at the LOL Comedy Show and according to Michael Shawn he did very…[Listen Below]

Domestic Violence Victims

Debra Bowles from “A Woman Called Moses” and DeDe in the Morning strongly urge you to donate to victim of domestic violence. Meet Sonya, she tells her story of dealing with abuse for 7 years…[Listen Below]

Meet Michael Shawn’s Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner so DeDe in the Morning decided to call Michael Shawn’s mom and get in her business. She said for Mother’s Day she really wants…[Listen Below]

Comedian Nephew Tommy

The hilarious Nephew Tommy stopped by DeDe in the Morning to talk about the new hit play “Mama’s Boy.” He even discusses his thoughts on Steve Harvey meeting up with President Trump…[Listen Below]

No Father In Delivery Room

DeDe’s Hot Topics: President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey. Did BeyoncĂ© ban her father from the delivery room? Find out more…[Listen Below]

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