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DeDe’s DM

It goes down in the DM especially in DeDe in the Morning’s! A young lady contacted DeDe abut her mom using a handicap sticker, but the mom isn’t handicap. The girl gets really embarrassed by her mom parking in handicap and sometimes even faking a limp, the daughter is tempted to report her mom to… Read more »

Would You Let Your Father Pick Your Husband?

Ladies, quick question, would you let your father pick your future husband? Michael Shawn always sits and talks to his daughters and this time he got a little curious. He decided to talk about future husbands, and asked if he could pick them. One daughter said “yes daddy, of course,” but the other was not… Read more »

Michael Shawn Caught His Daughter In A Lie!

Daddy Diaries: This past weekend, Michael Shawn went to visit his daughters and what he found out while he was there is shocking! His daughter has picked up a trait from her daddy, not her hair or her height but she’s picked up lying! Just like her dad, she’s pretty good at it. Find out… Read more »

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