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Little Man Big Ego

DeDe’s Date Fail: Clark and Cierra had a lot of chemistry at Applebee’s but may not see a second date. According to Cierra, she met him on Tinder and his profile said he was 6’2 but in person he was really…[Listen Below]

A Very Rude Date

DeDe’s Date Fail: A guy meets a girl on an airplane, but she refuses to call him back because… [Listen Below]

Hell No, No 2nd Date!

DeDe’s Date Fail: A woman really isn’t trying to on a 2nd date due to their first date. She said he paid way to much attention to… [Listen Below]

I Got Blocked On Facebook

DeDe’s Date Fail: Have you ever been block on Instagram, twitter or any form of social media? A guy blocks a girl on Facebook after their 1st date because she…. [Listen Below]

Lying On The First Date

Everyone deserves a second chance! In DeDe’s Date Fail, this woman says hell no! She refuses to go out on a second date because the guy was way to …. [Listen Below]

She’s Been Ignoring Me

Its another DeDe’s Date Fail: A guy says his conversation and date with a girl named Miranda was cool. They talked about going green and saving the earth. Miranda got a call from work, she left and he never heard from her again. According to Miranda, here’s why….[Listen Below]

What Not To Say On A Date

Have you ever been on a great date but never got a call back after? This happened to one of our listeners. His date refuses to go out on a 2nd one because of what he called her. Omg! No he didn’t! [Listen Below]

Sleeping With My Bestfriend

Have you ever went on a date and never heard from that person again? It’s strange that they stopped texting you and calling after you considered it a great date. What if your date slept with your best friend? This happened to one of our listeners who considered the date and epic fail on DeDe’s… Read more »

Why Cant I Get A Second Date

Have you ever went on a date, thought everything went well but never heard from that person again. Let DeDe in the Morning come to your rescue! She will ask all the questions necessary to help you figure out why. DeDe tries to find out why a girl can’t get a date with a guy… Read more »

Arrested On The First Date

This is one epic date fail! A nice guy met up with Mary for their first date and it ended horribly. Out of nowhere, she received a call from a friend who needed help. He drove Mary to help (because she had no car) and turns out the friend was getting arrested. It gets better!… Read more »

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