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Michael Shawn’s Imaginary Fathers Day Gifts

Its time for “Daddy Diaries!” Michael Shawn thinks his daughters have found out that he is very materialistic. He asked is daughters what they would get him for Fathers Day if they were rich. In there heads, they would get their dad cars an houses. One gift you wouldn’t believe they would even think of…. Read more »

Michael Shawn Forbids His Daughter To..

Uuuh-o Michael shawn’s daughter is only 11 but looks like she’s already growing..shhhhh….breast. Michael shawn said he will not allow her to wear anything fitting, including yoga pants and no tank tops. If you think that’s funny, he went crazy when his daughters grandmother bought her a 2-piece bikini for the summer. He says she… Read more »

Instagram Will Be Shut Down

Michael Shawn loves his kids!! Its time for, “Daddy Diaries!” This time Michael Shawn allowed one of his daughters to discuss whatever topic she wanted. Of all topics, his 11 year old daughter chose politics! She said until the U.S finds out how Isis is getting information form social media, they should shut all social… Read more »

Daddy Diaries: Two Things You Cant Live Without

We all know that Michael Shawn absolutely loves his daughters. The conversations he has with them are always the cutest. In this weeks “Daddy Diaries,” he asked them what are two things they could not live with out. One daughter said, “water and a house,” but the other daughters answer was definitely unexpected. [Listen Below]]

Would You Let Your Father Pick Your Husband?

Ladies, quick question, would you let your father pick your future husband? Michael Shawn always sits and talks to his daughters and this time he got a little curious. He decided to talk about future husbands, and asked if he could pick them. One daughter said “yes daddy, of course,” but the other was not… Read more »

Michael Shawn’s Daughter Wants To Be A What

We love that Michael Shawn absolutely loves his daughters, the conversations they have are adorable. Michael Shawn asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up. One daughter said a singer, but you wouldn’t believe what the other one said! Wonder if her dad will approve. [Listen Below]

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